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"It would be simple to label Turning Rocks as purely modern psychedelic chamber-pop, but the songs are so reliably thick with promise that you just cannot stop listening to the album"

− Winnipeg Free Press

""Smoke Like Birds is almost a madrigal, A Windful Of Screams is gloriously deranged and Bloody War is a whoopy, handclappy tale of old-age disability. Heroic. 4/5"

− Q Magazine

"exquisite experimental chamber-folk"

− The Wall Street Journal - SXSW 2014

"Erika Angell’s off-kilter vocals, melodic but with a slight rasp. She has a wonderful knack for the less obvious harmony and the technical ability to back it up, sustaining soft, lilting vibrato as easily in “Ropes” as she belts out a heartfelt crescendo on the titular sixth track. Her understated talent combined with the often stark arrangements lend the album a powerfully windswept feel, a rough elegance"

− The Line Of The Best Fit

"‘How, In My Bones’ evokes a hopeful warmth that pop music can still be earthly; can still promote unfeigned soul in a market dominated by the dishonest. 4 Stars"

− AAA Music

"À l’image du titre de l’œuvre, le «génie» de Turning Rocks se retrouve dans les surprises révélées par chaque pièce. Quelques instants après avoir établi une ambiance plutôt pop noire sur How, In My Bones, l’ensemble renverse la vapeur — admirablement — pour poursuivre dans un sillon infiniment plus lumineux, sans toutefois verser dans le racolage."

− Voir

"It’s once familiar and foreign and immediately works its way inside the listener’s head and heart."

− CBC Music

"Avec ses sonorités urbaines et pulsives, parfois sombres (la pièce titre), ou évoquant le Far-West (Thief, sur laquelle chante Taylor Kirk, de Timber Timbre), on ressent l'enracinement dans le continent nord-américain"

− Le Droit


− Metro Montréal

"I strongly advise that you take Turning Rocks a few tracks at a time. Like a heavy fog, it’s wonderful until the cold sneaks in under your jacket. There should be a deluxe box set with packets of hot chocolate."

− Prairie Dog Magazine

"Strong voice and mystery"

− NPR Music - SXSW 2014

""It’s sheer professionalism that strikes about the album,their instrumental affluence at no point overbearing on Erika’s mesmeric vocal. It’s a demanding listen, and they’re a band with an abundance to reveal, collating their eclecticism into something truly eminent.”"

− Getintothis
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March 25, 2014

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